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The Institute for Human Development, located within the University of Missouri – Kansas City, is an applied research and training center for human services. It exemplifies the University’s goals of academic excellence and a campus without borders by helping people, agencies, and the community reach their fullest potential.

The Institute conducts and collaborates on a wide variety of Applied Research projects to develop, implement, and evaluate new ideas and promising practices that support healthy, inclusive communities.

Interdisciplinary University Training infuses best practices into the curriculum of graduate and undergraduate students in a wide range of professional disciplines, including psychology, social work, nursing, medicine, dentistry, and education.

Community Services and Supports provided by the Institute assists individuals, community and state agencies, and university faculty to build the capacity of their programs through needs assessment, technical assistance, grant development, and program evaluation.

Information Dissemination has also been a vital link between the Institute, the University and the community.  This activity includes dissemination of products, provision of a lending library, and the establishment of information resource centers.

Program Areas: The Institute for Human Development organizes its work into seven broad program areas:

Health and Wellness Promotion;
Early Childhood and Youth;
Individual Advocacy & Family Supports;
Adult Community Living;
Aging and Developmental Disabilities;
Interdisciplinary Personnel Preparation;
Program, Organization, and Community Capacity Building.

Every project at IHD falls into one of the above categories. While the projects may change, these program areas stay constant. They serve to guide the larger vision of the Institute in demonstrating partnerships for effective social change.