Applied Research & Evaluation

Our goal is to conduct applied research and evaluation that will advance knowledge, enhance people’s lives, and increase communities’ effectiveness at supporting all their members.

Applied research is essential in formulating policy, planning state and local agency programs, and providing quality community training, demonstration, and technical assistance. Individuals and family members assist in the in the identification, development, implementation, and reporting of applied research efforts.

The UMKC IHD research methodology includes assessments, evaluation, and targeted applied research projects and evaluations of outcome measures for our own and other agencies’ activities. Findings inform a widely varied audience, including academics, researchers, service providers, policymakers, people with disabilities, and families.

Our researchers within the UMKC Institute for Human Development bring qualitative and quantitative expertise with a blend of skillsets, diverse backgrounds, and academic interests to our work.

What We Do


We help our partners gain insight into the problems, determinants, and impacts they seek to understand. Whether your research question considers social, economic, cultural, or environmental factors, we can assist.


Our team conducts policy and program evaluation focused on improving supports and services. We specialize in questions related to people with disabilities, but also bring experience with early childhood, aging, minority, urban, and cross-cultural populations.

How We Do It

We harness the powers of quantitative and qualitative methodologies with a special emphasis on community-based participatory research (CBPR). This approach combines the strengths of an interdisciplinary team of researchers and community partners to extract deep knowledge, guide decision-making, and demonstrate impact.

Our Expertise

  • Health and Healthy Lifestyles
  • Medicaid and Developmental Disabilities
  • Aging and Developmental Disabilities
  • Self-Determination and Social Capital
  • Culture and Disability
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Services Offered

  • Program and Policy Evaluation
  • Strategic Research Planning
  • Existing Data Analysis
  • Survey Development
  • Data System Setup and Management
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Focus Groups and Interviews
  • Report Writing