Disability Studies

Disability Studies is a relatively new, interdisciplinary field focused on the social and cultural context of disability. Similar to women’s studies or African American studies, this field considers disability as a social minority group with an emphasis on the way in which disability is constructed culturally, politically, economically, rather than the traditional emphasis on the physiology of impairment.

Disability Studies focuses on the sociopolitical analysis of disability. The UMKC Leadership Certificate in Disability Studies is a 12 credit hour graduate level program of study that will enable students to examine the social meanings we give to variations that exist in human behavior and appearance and the consequences of those meanings. The interdisciplinary curriculum includes the humanities, social sciences, law, administration, and education.

Purpose of the Certificate

Through the certificate program, students will collaborate with and learn directly from persons with disabilities and professionals in the field from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students who receive the certificate will be positioned to provide leadership in their chosen occupations. For MSWs, the leadership in disability studies certificate will be of benefit regardless of your focus.

For more information, contact:
George Gotto, 816.235.5334