UMKC IHD Centers

UMKC IHD is the home of several university-based, national, state and local centers. 

Charting the LifeCourse Nexus

Charting the LifeCourse (CtLC) Nexus leads the nation in imagining a world where all formal systems and resources in the community are aligned to a vision, values, and language that support “good lives” for every person.

The framework and principles were originally developed to promote person-centered thinking and practices in developmental disability systems and families. Over the last decade, CtLC transformed these ideas into tools used by employment specialists, schools and educators, medical professionals, family and self-advocacy organizations, and others, improving organizational structures and day-to-day practices. CtLC continues to expand to other sectors, and is now being used to support transitions in early childhood, young adulthood, and aging.

CtLC is used by people with and without disabilities for formal planning and informal day to day decision making. Learn more about CtLC

Missouri’s University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD)

The purpose of the UCEDD is to support applied research, interdisciplinary training, program development and information dissemination for individuals with disabilities across the lifespan and their families . Missouri’s UCEDD is part of a national network of centers in every state and territory. Learn more about the UCEDD


ACED (Adult Continuing Education for Persons with Disabilities) offers adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to attend non-credit classes in an integrated educational and social environment. The program teaches independent living skills and provides life-enhancing experiences. Learn more about ACED


Alianzas (Alliances) is an outreach partnership between UMKC IHD and University of Missouri Extension. Our staff works to build effective intercultural communication and alliances between MU Extension, Latinx Residents, and the Larger Community. Alianzas supports MU Extension staff and programs to better integrate and support Latinx and other immigrant populations in Missouri and promotes participation in Extension programming to Latinx residents. Learn more about Alianzas

Missouri Family to Family Resource Center (MOF2F)

Missouri Family to Family (MOF2F) is a statewide program that provides information and referral services to individuals with disabilities, their family members, and professionals. MOF2F also connects individuals and family member through peer support and parent-to-parent mentor relationships. Learn more about MOF2F

Women’s Leadership and Civic Engagement

The purpose of this program is to promote inclusion and diversity of women in public service through volunteer service, board service and seeking public office. Learn more about Civic Engagement Program

National Gateway to Self-Determination (NGSD)

 The purpose of NGSD is to establish a sustainable, evidence-based training system that enhances self-determination training programs that lead to quality of life outcomes for individuals with developmental disabilities throughout the lifespan.The NGSD is made up of five consortium members: the UMKC Institute for Human Development, The Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities, Westchester Institute for Human Development, The University of Oregon Center on Human Development, and The University of Illinois at Chicago Institute on Disability and Human Development. This consortium, along with disability organizations across the nation, worked towards systems change by identifying, developing, and promoting resources to enhance self-determination and lead to improved quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities. Learn more about NGSD