Program Development Core Services

UMKC-IHD Program Development core services include the following broad functions and tools.

1      Community Training: Community training activities are conducted with a variety of constituencies and are designed to expand awareness, enhance knowledge and skills, and shape attitudes. A variety of approaches and strategies are utilized to support training activities and are based upon the unique needs of each target audience. These include:
•    Curriculum Development & Instruction
•    Conference Presentations
•    Distance Learning
•    Seminar Series
•    Inservice Training

2      Technical Assistance: Technical assistance activities are conducted by assisting organizations and individuals to develop, implement, and evaluate exemplary practices. Technical assistance can take the form of individually tailored consultation that is requested by different constituencies, activities incorporated in planned projects, and support provided to local, state, and national organizations, boards, and committees to assist in policy and program development. These include:
•    Facilitation of Organizational Planning
•    Facilitation of Person Centered Planning
•    One-on-One Consultation
•    Meeting Facilitation
•    Proposal and Grant Development

3      Demonstrations: Demonstration activities are designed to improve the capacity of a variety of constituencies to implement best practices approaches by modeling approaches that promote, facilitate, and embrace the values of consumer choice and control, and community inclusion. These include approaches that:
•    Replicate Evidenced Based Practices
•    Expand Evidenced Based Practices
•    Demonstrate New Practices

4      Program Evaluation: Because authentic program evaluation of outcomes and casual relationships requires consideration for both the context and the participants, each evaluation plan is design in partnership between the program and the evaluator. We work closely with partners to plan and implement an evaluation that is appropriate to the particular program and will yield information useful for continuation of the program and future planning. See: Applied Research for a more complete description of Evaluation services.