Association of University Centers on Disabilities

Core Grant

Children’s Bureau

Cross-Site Evaluation for the AIA Demonstration Program

Department of Education 

Missouri State Personnel Development Grant

Department of Justice

Creative Connections: Youth with Disabilities

Safety First: Kansas City Collaborative to End Violence Against Women With Disabilities

Department of Labor

Add-Us-In Kansas City

Federal Highway Administration

Kansas City Summer Transportation Institute

Health Resource and Services Administration  (HRSA)

Enhancing Pediatric Care Coordination for CYSHCN

Missouri Family to Family Health Information Center

Maternal and Child Health Bureau

Early Childhood Comprehensive System

Kansas City Healthy Start

Tips for Kids (LEND)

National Science Foundation


Veterans in STEM: Critical Analysis of Factors Affecting Pathways to STEM Careers for Veterans Experiencing Disabilities

University of California – Berkeley

Cross-Site Evaluation for the AIA Demonstration Program

University of Kansas

iPad & iPhone Application for Prevention of Sexual Abuse of People with Developmental Disabilities