Program Areas

The Institute has identified seven program (priority need) areas through which it organizes all activities and visions, allowing for the Institute to effectively identify and serve needs across the entire lifespan.


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A list of UMKC Institute for Human Development projects or a .pdf of the 2014 Project Profiles. (click here)




In 2014, the UMKC Institute for Human Development created or distributed over 150 different products and publications. Examples include:

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Advising Through Self-Determination, An Information Guide



Core Competencies of Family Leaders: A Guide for Families and Organizations

Family to Family Charting the Lifecourse Booklet       

Partnerships for Effective Social Change, UMKC Institute for Human Development Program Highlights


Research to Practice in Self-Determination

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Issue 1: Self-Determination and Self-Advocacy



Issue 2: Self-Determination and Employment

Issue 3: Self-Determination and Health

Issue 4: Family Focus on Self-Determination

Issue 5: Self-Determination and Aging

Issue 6: The Impact of College on Self-Determination