Description: The Missouri Family-to-Family Resource Center (MoF2F) provides three types of services:  information and referral, parent-to-parent, and leadership development opportunities. Center staff help locate needed disability related services and obtain current print, video, and audio materials on specific disabilities or disability related topics. Services are available at no cost to any family, individual, or organization in Missouri. Disability related information is also provided on the Resource Center’s web site at

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Project Contact:               Michelle Reynolds, 816.235.1759,

Project Period:                 1991-2014

Annual Funding:              $580,000 for 5 years

Funding Source:               Missouri Council for Developmental Disabilities (MCDD)

Core Functions

Applied Research:  MoF2F evaluates its effectiveness in providing informational and referral resources, peer support and leadership training.

Community Services and Supports: MoF2F collaborates with state systems as well as regional and local affiliate organizations to provide information and peer support to requestors.  Affiliate organizations also receive technical assistance and training from MoF2F.  Currently over 150 affiliate organizations participate in statewide and regional stakeholder meetings.  Stakeholders at the statewide meeting represent an average of 56% family members and self-advocates.

Information Dissemination: MoF2F develops and disseminates current disability related information to families and community service organizations through information packets, peer support, workshops, webinars, and its website.

Interdisciplinary Personnel Preparation: MoF2F staff provides technical assistance and training to professionals serving in the field on the life course, family-centered practices, supporting families, and current practices for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families (housing, employment, self-determination, self-advocacy, leadership, etc.).


Program Need and Historical Context

  • In 1988, the need for an information and referral service was identified in “Families Speak Out” Forums and confirmed by an evaluation of the DD case management system in 1989 by the Institute.
  • The Missouri Council for Developmental Disabilities has funded the Missouri Developmental Disabilities Resource Center (MODDRC) since 1991. In 2010, it was renamed the Missouri Family-to-Family Resource Center in recognition of the expansion of the resource center to include a variety of disabilities and special health care needs.
  • Website development began in 1998, and expanded to include information on topics including information about diagnosis, peer support, alternatives to guardianship, transition, employment, and housing in alignment with the LifeCourse framework.  The website also includes a “live help” feature.


Consumer and Community Involvement

Project is family driven. Family members participate in all components and activities of the F2F project.  Families and youth serve as volunteers providing peer support and serving in advisory roles.

  • MoF2F hosts quarterly Family-to-Family stakeholder meetings to facilitate a strong network of support for families across Missouri. Meetings create an information and network exchange between stakeholders and promote development of products and activities to meet identified unmet needs.
  • Self-Advocates and family members volunteer by reviewing products, developing content, serving as Sharing Our Strengths (SOS) peer support mentors, hosting conference exhibits, and serving on advisory boards.
  • MoF2F staff consists of family members: the Project Director is a sibling, the Family Advocate, Peer Support Coordinator and a support staff are parents of children with disabilities.


Significant Project Activities and Outcomes

  • Over 1,000 people receive information and peer support through the MoF2F per year.
  • MOF2F presented its services to over 10,000 attendees at 74 different locations, such as statewide disability conferences, parent groups, meetings, Regional Centers and workshops.
  • The web site has over 400 disability-specific and disability topic articles available to the public as well as IHD products, a national support directory, and a calendar of events.
  • Dissemination of over 60,000 disability information resource folders


Institute’s Role

  • MoF2F is housed at the Institute and provides a toll-free telephone number and an extensive website, information packets, program/service referrals, consultant referrals, parent-to-parent/peer support matches, and individual information searches on any disability topic.
  • MOF2F staff develop and publish information and training on leadership and advocacy, specific disabilities, and broad disability topics.
  • MoF2F staff participate in consumer advocacy groups throughout Missouri and attends local, state, and national conferences as speakers and disseminate information.



  • Network Resource Folder
  • Sharing Our Strengths Peer Support Network and Peer Mentor Curriculum
  • Progress reports to MCDD
  • MoF2F website
  • F2F Affiliate Network
  • LifeCourse Book and Webinars
  • Training on best practices (navigating the system, employment, alternatives to guardianship, etc.)
  • Over 500 LifeCourse topic and disability information packets available in English & Spanish


System:  The MoF2F Resource Center works with Department of Mental Health, Division of DD as one of their information and resource centers for individuals, families and professionals as well as Special Health Care Needs and Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems.

Personnel:  People with disabilities, their families, and professionals have access to current information and peer support that can improve support systems for people with disabilities.

Leveraging:  MOF2F receives annual funding from the Missouri Council for Developmental Disabilities