Description: The 2012-2017 Missouri State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) focuses on increasing the state-wide capacity to provide high-quality, ongoing professional developmentthat improves the quality of education for all students, but especially students with disabilities.  The Institute provides leadership for project management, development of professional development content, oversight for effective training and coaching, and creating ways of using technology to support just-in-time professional development.  The SPDG works with approximately 350 Missouri schools each year.  Linking professional development to improved student progress and achievement is the ultimate purpose of the SPDG. Missouri’s SPDG anticipates (a) improved student achievement on academic measures, (b) increased access to the general curriculum, (c) increased levels of appropriate behavior, and (d) progress toward college and career readiness. State Personnel Development Grants are funded by the Office of Special Education Programs, U. S. Department of Education.

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Project Contacts:            Ronda Jenson, 816.235.6335,

Project Period:                 2013-2014

Annual Funding:             $1,048,027.30

Funding Source:              US Department of Education

Core Functions

Applied Research: The MO SPDG comprehensively addresses action research, data-driven decisions, and implementation science.  Specific research areas development of professional development and coaching frameworks, creating implementation measures for tracking fidelity,  and measuring adult learning outcomes as well as student achievement.  (45%)

Community Services and Supports: This statewide project involves educators in local education agencies, regional professional development providers, and state-level policy makers. (5%)

Information Dissemination:The ranges of products, training materials, and practice briefs generated to support implementation of the SPDG are numerous.   A partial list in included under the Products heading. (25%)

Interdisciplinary Personnel Preparation: Training for general and special educators is the purpose of the SPDG.  Using the professional development materials developed by the IHD, regional consultants providing training and coaching.  These regional consultants are observed regularly to assure fidelity to the training and coaching protocols.  Additionally, the regional consultants attend 12 shared learning days each year.  The IHD plans these shared learning events as opportunities for collaborative learning.  (25%)



Program Need and Historical Context

In the spring of 2012, more than 120 stakeholders to review state data, provide diverse perspectives, and reflect on strengths and challenges of the statewide professional development system. Stakeholders agreed that the following significant needs remain across the state: (a) lack of achievement in Communication Arts, (b) lack of achievement in Math,and (c) lack of access to the general education curriculum/environment. To address these critical issues, the 2012-2017 Missouri State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) focuses on the following work: (a) development and implementation of a statewide model of high quality professional development  (HQPD), (b) application of the statewide model of HQPD to deliver professional development increasing fluency in targeted instructional  strategies positively correlated with student learning and in focus content areas, (c) alignment with statewide professional  development with teacher evaluations, and (d) use technologies to maximize the depth, breadth, and reach of professional  development.


Consumer and Community Involvement

  • Involvement of family and community members informs and reinforces school improvement efforts by helping to maximize resources and facilitate responses to student needs.


Significant Project Activities and Outcomes

During the 2013-2014 academic year,

  • 350 schools representing 106 districts received training through the SPDG.
  • 10 comprehensive professional development learning packages were developed
  • 91% of trainings observed achieved expectations of fidelity and quality
  • Educators showed knowledge gain on post-training assessments for an effect size of 1.47.

Institute’s Role

  • The Institute is the lead consultant in developing the professional development content and implementation practices.
  • The Institute build technology resources for enhancing professional development
  • The Institute provides ongoing expertise and support through the implementation stages.



Professional Development Learning Packages:  Common Formative Assessment, Data-based Decision-making, Collaborative Data Teams, Reciprocal Teaching, Spaced versus Massed Practice, Feedback, Assessment Capable Learners, Cooperative Learning, Direct Instruction, Teacher-Student Relationships, Teacher Clarity, Co-teaching, Differentiated Instruction, Classroom Discussion, Visible Learning,  Using Technology in Classroom Instruction, Increasing Student Engagement, and Mastery Learning

Observation of High Quality Professional Development Training Checklist

Observation of High Quality Professional Development Coaching Checklist

SPDG Implementation Magazine

MO Edu-SAIL (Systems and Instruction for Learning) website

Numerous Presentations



Systems Change:Development of a statewide system of addressing the diverse learning needs of students.

Personnel:Statewide professional development for general and special educators.

Leveraging:Federal and state monies and were leveraged to support this project