Special Health Care Needs Family Partnership Initiative


The overall goal of this project is to build a network of support for family members of CYSHCN and provide the Department of Health and Senior Services-Special Health Care Needs with input regarding specific needs as requested. This project addresses issues related to HRSA’s core system outcomes and work to improve family/professional partnerships, access to medical home, system navigation, health insurance, and financing, and early and continuous screening.
special health care needs

  • Project ContactMichelle Reynolds, 816.235.1759
  • Project Period – 2010-2014
  • Annual Funding – $109,011 (FY2014)
  • Funding Source – Department of Health & Senior Services-Special Health Care Needs (Title V)

Core Functions

Applied Research

A yearly needs assessment and satisfaction survey is conducted with individuals and families receiving Special Health Care Needs services. In addition, the evaluation reviews effectiveness of activities.

Community Services and Supports

Collaborations between partner organizations, healthcare professionals, policymakers, family member and CYSHCN create and implement trainings and provide information to increase access and improve quality of services for CYSHCN and their families.

Information Dissemination

Information and training materials provided to communities, families and individuals about topics related to family/professional partnerships, medical home, transition, financing and early and continuous screening.

Interdisciplinary Personnel Preparation

MoF2F provides technical assistance and training to professionals serving in the field on family-centered practices, family support and current practices for individuals with special health care needs and their families.

Program Need and Historical Context

  • Current systems of services for CYSHCN and their families are disconnected and fractionalized. Families frequently report struggles with navigating systems, accessing needed supports, and finding available services.
  • In 2009, through the Integrated Community Services project (D70), MoF2F helped establish the Family Partnership program which was contracted through Miller County Health Department.
  • In November 2012, BSHCN contracted directly with MoF2F for the Family Partnership program to build the capacity of the four Family Partners and extend MoF2F’s reach to families.

Consumer and Community Involvement

Project is family driven. Family members participate in all components and activities of the Family Partnership Initiative. Families and youth serve as volunteers providing peer support and serving in advisory roles.

Significant Project Activities and Outcomes

  • Disseminate information to families and communities about SHCN programs and services; continue training requirements to promote staff participation in professional development, creating educated, efficient workforce to improve participant services and satisfaction.
  • Develop/identify and deliver parenting information and education in a team approach that involves families, caregivers, and service providers as resources.
  • Participate in outreach activities assuring collaboration with external agencies to promote organized community-based service systems for CSHCN.
  • Continue participation in statewide promotional activities to increase knowledge, understanding and availability of all programs and services for CSHCN individuals.

Institute’s Role

The Institute oversees the contract and ensures deliverables are being met. Faculty and staff provide technical assistance to Family Partners and SHCN staff.


  • Partnering Together Newsletter
  • Family Needs Assessment
  • Reports to SHCN

Core Functions


This project works with DHSS-Special Health Care Needs to increase access and enhance coordination of services.


Families and youth with SHCN volunteer time to improve access and quality of services.


Funding is provided by DHSS-Special Health Care Needs (Title V).